AAAB's Mission

The AAAB aims to serve the Arkansan-Asian business community, specifically:

  1. To support the professional growth of those Arkansans of Asian descent and to promote Asian-owned businesses in Arkansas;
  2. To provide assistance to Arkansas companies looking to explore Asian markets;
  3. To provide resources for companies and professionals from Asian countries looking to explore business opportunities with Arkansas;
  4. Overall, to be an advocate for entrepreneurship that is related to Arkansas and Asia.

AAAB's Board of Directors

Yang Luo-Branch, PhD

Founder & President

Sr. Data Visualization Analyst, Tyson Foods

Mark Young


President and CEO, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce

Business Owner, Diamond Liquor Store

Michael Mourot


Senior Vice President, The Sinclair Group

Katie Thompson


Executive Director, Science Venture Studio, Winrock International

Mimi San Pedro


Chief Strategy Officer, The Venture Center

Aayush Thakur


Co-Founder & CEO, FR8relay

AAAB's History

The Arkansas Association of Asian Businesses (AAAB) continues to engage individuals and companies that have business interests in Arkansas and Asia. Consequently, it has created a growing community based on this common interest.

  • April 2017: The first issue of a monthly newsletter was published, themed to focus on the Arkansas-Asian business community. This publication was later inherited by the AAAB.
  • June 2017: The AAAB was incorporated by Dr. Yang Luo-Branch. With five founding board members, the organization became the first chamber of commerce that aims to serve the Arkansan-Asian business community in the Natural State.
  • February 2018: The AAAB's membership program was launched, while the association continues to also serve as a resource hub for the general community.
  • August 2018: The Board of Directors was expanded from five to seven directors, with enhanced ethnic diversity and professional experience.

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