AAAB's Mission

Established in July 2017 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, the AAAB strives to connect Arkansas and Asia in business. Specifically:

  1. To support the professional growth of those Arkansans of Asian descent and to promote Asian-owned businesses in Arkansas;
  2. To provide assistance to Arkansas companies looking to explore Asian markets;
  3. To provide resources for companies and professionals from Asian countries looking to explore business opportunities with Arkansas;

Overall, to be an advocate for entrepreneurship that is related to Arkansas and Asia.

AAAB's Board of Directors

Yang Luo-Branch

Founder & President

Manager of Analytics, Tyson Foods

Serial Entrepreneur in retail, food services, gas stations

Senior Vice President, The Sinclair Group

Katie Thompson


Executive Director, Science Venture Studio, Winrock International

Mimi San Pedro


Chief Strategy Officer, The Venture Center

Aayush Thakur


Co-Founder & CEO, FR8relay

Mark Young


President and CEO, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce